The citizenship programme of Antigua & Barbuda was established in 2013, making it one of the newest citizenship-by-investment programmes in the world. To qualify current legislation requires either an investment in government approved real estate like Nonsuch Bay Resort to the value of at least US$400,000, a contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF) amounting to US$250,000, or a local business investment of at least US$1.5 million.

The application processing time promised by the government is 90 days and the applicant may be required to attend an interview in Antigua. Once citizenship is approved applicants must take an oath or make an affirmation of allegiance at an Embassy, a High Commission or Consulate of Antigua & Barbuda before receiving their citizenship and documents. Once citizenship has been granted citizens must spend at least 35 days in Antigua & Barbuda in a period of five years.